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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Environment Materials                                                         
1:  低碳建筑材料 Material for low carbon building
2:  清洁能源及设备 Green energy and equipment
3:   燃料电池与应用材料 Key materials for fuel cells
4:  原电池及材料电池 Materials for primary battery and secondary battery
5:   绿色化学材料及设备 Green chemistry and equipment
6:  人工合成与自然可降解材料 Synthetic degradable materials                                          
7:   废弃物材料的回收及利用 Waste materials disposal and reuse
8:   环境催化材料的合成      Synthesis of environmental catalytic materials
9:用于脱硫、脱氮等技术的材料   Catalytic desulfurization,denitrification,dechlorination and other technical in Clean energy
10:光能、电能、磁能、微波技术 Catalysis technology and environmental protection under the condition of light, electricity, magnetism, microwave

Environment Management
1:  固体有害废弃物管理   Solid and hazardous waste management
2:  生态环境修复技术 Environmental restoration
3: 公共健康与风险评价 Public health and risk assessment
4:  大气污染控制与管理  Air pollution control and management
5: 生物技术与生物安全  Biotechnology and biosafe
6: 有毒化学物质及材料处置 Toxic chemical exposure         
7: 噪音污染管理及控制 Noise pollution management and control
8: 气候变化及人类健康 Global climate changes and human health

Prevention of Water Environment Pollution
   1:    新型水处理絮凝剂与吸附剂研发New flocculant and adsorbent
   2:   水处理膜材料研发 Research and development on membrane material
   3:   水处理填料、滤料研发Research and development on packing and filter media
   4:   新型水处理设备研发 New research on water treatment equipment
   5:   城市水污染控制 Civil water pollution control
   6:   地表水、地下水污染防控 Ground water and underground water pollution control
   7:   流域风险管理与防控Pollution control and management for basin
   8:   水污染监控预警技术 Monitoring and early warning of water pollution
   9:   饮用水处理新工艺 New technology and process for drinking water treatment
   10:  污水处理新工艺New technology and process for wastewater treatment
   11:  水处理模型及计算机模拟 Modeling and computer simulation for water
   12:  水质安全及标准 Water quality standards

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